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Did you know there’s a gadget to help with that? Help to put on your socks and compression socks

OK. So this is going to be a weekly blog based on my nine years of owning a mobility shop. Every week we surprise people by coming up with a gadget to help them overcome some difficulty they are having. It might be as simple as a sock aid or a little more involved like […]

Zero and Reduced Hours Contracts – a disgrace

Zero and reduced hours contracts are a national disgrace. Many of our customers at Care100 are carers. They are usually on zero hours contracts. In a tough world where working days are long and usually antisocial, why do agencies not look after their staff?  How can they get mortgages or loans – or plan ahead […]

Mobility Scams – What you need to know!!!!

Mobility as an industry is rife with unscrupulous traders ripping off vulnerable and elderly people and causing heartache and despair for the very people in our lives whom we should be cherishing. Mobility scams are very upsetting for all concerned. We need to be ridding society of these con artists. Some of the stories I […]

Choosing the right Rise and Recline Chair

Choosing the right Rise and Recline chair is important if you are to avoid wasting your money. Rise and Recline chairs are designed not only to help you put your feet up, recline gently for a snooze but they also raise up to assist you in getting out of the chair. Rise and Recline chairs […]

The Real Cost of being a Carer

The real cost of being a carer…is not about money!! As an owner of a mobility shop in Chesterfield, we meet many carers throughout the day. We see the tiredness etched on their faces and sometimes the despair of caring for a loved one by themselves. The physical hard work combined with 24 hours, 7 […]

What do you need at home when you have a hip replacement

Zimmer Frame

Having a hip replacement can be a daunting process but it is made so much easier if you are fully prepared for when you get home. I had my new hips in 2015 and found the following items very useful: 1) A little gadget to help put your socks on – a Sock Aid. If you live […]

Why should I insure my mobility scooter or wheelchair?


Care100 strongly advise that you insure your mobility scooter or wheelchair. With our insurance you will be covered for theft and accidental damage but more importantly you will be covered for 3rd party liability. For instance,if you run someone over or run into a car you will be covered. It also covers you for breakdown […]

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