Did you know there’s a gadget to help with that? Help to put on your socks and compression socks

OK. So this is going to be a weekly blog based on my nine years of owning a mobility shop. Every week we surprise people by coming up with a gadget to help them overcome some difficulty they are having. It might be as simple as a sock aid or a little more involved like a bath lift.Most of these items will have been used by me – either personally or when I was helping care for my lovely parents.

So talking about sock aids… are you struggling to put your socks or tights on? It happens to a lot of people who naturally become less agile with age so you are not alone. Personally, I couldn’t manage socks when my arthritic hips got too bad. My husband was having to put them on for me. No – I don’t mean he wore my socks and he was a great help but it upset me that I couldn’t manage them by myself.

Enter the sock aid. A plastic device which does take some getting used to – but if my Dad could do it then so will you.

It is easy to use, low cost (just over a fiver) from Care100 and makes a huge difference.

How to use the Sock Aid

It’s a very simple design. You simply pull the sock onto the sock aid, drop the sock aid onto the floor whilst holding the long fabric handles and then put your foot into the sock aid. Gently pulling the handles will move the sock onto your foot and over your heel. Easy Peasy. But we will demo it for you if you come into the shop – or we can post one out to you.

There are also ones covered in terry towelling which are a bit more expensive but necessary if your skin is fragile.

Compression socks

We are always being asked about compression socks. I hated wearing them but after my hip op. I certainly needed help putting them on. I still have no idea how anyone living alone can manage them.There are aids to help put these on thank goodness but they are a little more expensive. Again, a demo is the best way of understanding these devices. They are made of plastic coated metal as they need to be stronger than the normal sock aid. They are available from Care 100.

We have lots of free catalogues – if you want one just call us and we will post it out to you. See you next week


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